Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let Me Out Of Here!!

Leaving a local Coney Island after having breakfast I spot something that strikes me a bit odd across the street. 
Husband, do you see something in that garage window up top?  Something seems a bit off…  Pull down the alley and let’s have a look.

We pull down the alley and slow down.  Now fortunately I have my camera with super zoom in my purse, you know – so we don’t have to get too close.

And yes, something is a bit odd in the garage across the alley – I’d say it’s the owner’s sense of humor, that’s what is a bit off…

Look closely – not only is there a life sized doll in the window with her arms up waiving for help, right next to her skirt in the lower corner is another blonde headed doll, craning out the window to catch a look at the outside world that eludes them – since, you know, they are trapped in the attic and all.

Hey isn’t there a book, turned movie about them called "Flowers in the Attic"?  Yeah – warped, I think the homeowner might be a little warped – either that or his family is trapped in the attic – which in that case, yeah, then they would be a lot warped…

Doesn’t it look like the dolls have kicked the walls so hard the siding is coming loose? 

Hmmm, dolls, that’s what I keep telling myself they are – just two life sized blonde dolls…. Spooky!