Friday, October 24, 2014

Mannie Nanny

Whew, there you are.  This store is so big I was getting a bit scared.

Every time I turned around my face was in a rack of clothes, it was so dark, I couldn’t see past anything – racks of shirts, jeans, sweaters, coats – everywhere – right in may face.

Your hand seems a bit cold, but that’s alright – I’ll hold it and warm it up for you.  Just don’t let go okay, this place is scary.  

There are people everywhere and I don’t know any of them.  They are all in a hurry hauling bags, or shopping right above me at the racks hitting my in the face with their purses.  I’m not having any fun.

Let’s not come here again.  Can we go, now that I’ve found you?  Please, I’m ready to get out of here – it’s like things aren’t real.

So I must admit – I found this picture on the internet and I have no idea where it came from.  I saved it because it was too cute and I thought for sure I would remember where I copied it from and give them credit – but I don’t.  So thanks – this is a great shot!

I am also guessing this pictures was taken by his mom – who must have been tickled with her sons cuteness!