Monday, October 13, 2014

This is a stick-up!

Haha, you can’t stick me up – you’re a mannequin!  Haha, Ha, ha…. Can you?

Just a guess, but this store doesn’t employ professional window dressers do they?   Can I have another guess? 

Great – by chance do they employ ex-cons?  You know, on a work relief program – help someone get a foot back in society and get a tax break from the government for employing former criminals.

And might this current employee have a history with hold-ups?   

Why else would someone pull a purple nylon over a mannequins head?  Because it seems more stylish than just a plain beige one?  After all, you are now working in the fashion industry … (note all those natty wool caps in the back ground).

Maybe I should have popped a cap on the mannies head – then he would have looked more like a performer from the blue man group and less like a cat burglar.  No?

Ah, what will they think of next to scare you out of the store, put a water pistol in their composite hand?