Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Merry Christmas!! (in September)

Wait - what, it’s not Christmas? No?

It’s September.  I agree – it is September. 

Not October, November or December – you know December, when Christmas actually is….

Hmmm, we still have two more major holidays – decorating holidays to go, Halloween, which is the very LAST day of NEXT month (October) and Thanksgiving, which is the third week of the month AFTER that (November).

But not at this store, nope at this store it is apparently Christmas time – in giant twenty foot fashion.  

This does not make me happy on a warm 75 degree day (24 Celsius for my European friends).   

I don’t understand why we rush things so – the leaves are still on the trees, there is no hint of snow (of course this is Michigan – that could change in an instant).  The time hasn’t changed yet and it is barely Fall, by means of the Equinox.  

Yet here is a jolly nut cracker or tin soldier or sentry or something Christmasy-esque standing guard at the door of a big box hardware store.  One that I will be visiting again today, painting the living room and hall ways (made a pretty but poor color choice – therefore I will be painting them again tonight, funny how daylight changes things).

So Merry Christmas – three months early!! Care to come celebrate with me tonight and lift a paint roller in festive cheer?