Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Does It Come In Grape?

Brrrr – that’s cold!  Look – a frozen fountain – of sorts.   

Never mind that it is 90 degrees outside and muggier than muggy (ahem, I mean Humuggity – look it up – it’s on this blog… June 30, 2013) 

This isn’t the first frozen fountain looky thing I have spotted.  They seem to be very prevalent at hospitals.  

Now, should we be concerned?  I mean it’s hot as blazes outside, it’s been raining torrents all month (not a common occurrence for August – now September) and here is this giant frozen tower – outside, in the heat, rain and humuggity – standing tall and well – very frozen.

What are they – why are they at hospitals?  Should we be concerned about whatever is leaking that doesn’t melt even when the temperature reaches 32 Celsius?  And what is leaking?  I am assuming refrigerant of sorts – ah, are we all environmentally compliant yet in the world of refrigerants and what looks to be like pretty massive leakage into the world?  Or should I say frozen world – doesn’t really look like it’s going anywhere.

How many feet thick do you think it is?  Do you think the men from Deadliest Catch could break it with their sledge hammers?  It could be a summer job for them – travel to hospitals nationwide and make whatever is underneath possibly run more efficiently?  Or not.  

But if it’s supposed to be in a cold area why not enclose it?   Every time I pass one, it stops me in my tracks – something is not quite normal about a giant frozen white Popsicle, outside in the middle of summer.  Just sayin’.