Monday, September 8, 2014

Wrong Career Path?

I’m guessing when the professional Brick Layer/Mason chose his trade and then did his apprenticeship in the skilled area, he never thought that he could make all this money.

I mean look – you can make $1200 to $2.00 a week.  That’s right – Two whole dollars a week!!

What do you need to do to make that?  Show up and drop off the coffee – once?  
Even then, you’d certainly be there longer than two dollars worth.

So, bring those tools, let them make use of your truck to pick up the boys and transport them to the job site, then at the end of a hard week – outside in the elements, bent over, with cement dried to every bit of yourself – collect that big ol’ two dollar check.  

Hey, right now McDonalds has 99 cent beverages.  On Saturday night you could take your date there and each get a coke or a coffee or something – of course, I am thinking before taxes.   Once Uncle Sam takes his share – let’s just go with the most common range of 28%, you’d be down to $1.44.  Um, you better get an extra large Coke to share, because with sales tax that 99 cents will become $1.05 and you won’t have enough for two.  

Oh and might I suggest you ride your bike – all that gas you are using to drive the boys to work and back won’t be covered either – so your truck is probably out of gas.  No worries, I’m sure she knows how to balance on the handle bars.