Friday, February 7, 2014

Tech Savvy

I don’t know, maybe I should have bought it? 

What do you think?

I mean I have NEVER seen one before. 

It was pretty compact, looks portable, comes with a key board and the screen is small.  Plus I think you can make toast in it.

No you say, no toast.  Huh, I like toast – doesn’t everyone?   

Are you sure, I mean look – there are buttons under each slot, maybe for lighter or darker, and an orange on off button – are you sure it’s not for toast?

Ok, fine, crumbs and computers probably don’t go together.  It is a computer right?

NCR stands for National Cash register (you know the company – they made all those beautiful ornate brass registers – back in the way back time).  I had no idea they forayed into computers.   

Apparently they were no match for HP, Dell and Apple.  They went the way of IBM in their quest for the personal computer market (which I think Macintosh stole some of IBM’s ideas way long ago and that’s why they did not become the big player Apple is today – just saying).

But I did look them up, apparently we can thank NCR for LCD’s – hey thanks, hope you got good royalties because our LCD TV is fantastic!  

But back to the computer – it must have really special in its day – I mean TWO slots for floppies, not only could you save stuff off the computer, you could copy stuff from another disk – remarkable!  (and I should add a BIG disk, this was the early, early days)

I love estate sales, I know they mark the passing of people, but sometimes you can tell those people were really special.  I mean look at the cutting edge person who owned this – a personal computer, in their home – from the 1980’s.  

Extraordinary I’d say – too bad we didn’t know them beforehand – I bet they would have had some great stories to tell – and who knows, maybe they even knew Bill Gates, Jef Raskin, Steve Wozniak or Steve Jobs – I’m sure the circle of computer geeks back in the day was tiny.