Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Holy Blizzard Batman!

Whew, it’s a good thing we have a doggie snow plow!  I’m not sure if you can see it, but she really is plowing the snow.   (I should mention she gave up after she got this far – which was not far at all, turned around and came back in the house).

We got up today and I had a hard time getting the back door open, we were indeed – snowed in.  Once I pushed the door open, it all collapsed back inside – so if you want to get technical, we had snow much snow this morning that it had nowhere to go, but inside the house.

Now I ask you this – hubby is away in Arizona for work, he was also away in December – when we also had major snow dumpage – do you think this is planned?  I mean the stuff is taller than your boots – so there is no way to go out and clean it up without coming in thoroughly soaked through to your toes– and we have good boots here in Michigan.  Guess I should invest in some waders for the next round – he’s away again next month, probably should plan on another major snow event for that week.

Anyway, we all knew something was coming, so I’d like to share with you our grocery store shelves.  I just want you to note the priorities of folks “stocking up” for the snow-megeddon.

Um let’s see – ah yes, the potato chip isle is barren – yes, yes, if you were to be snowed in I can see how the need for potato chips (crisps) would be a priority in feeding your family.  Bizarre.

A tad more encouraging was this aisle:

Ok, potato chips and yogurt – gotta have priorities I guess?  Never mind the bread, milk and eggs – grab those chips and strawberry yogurt before they are all gone!!!

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this shot – as soon as we can find our way into the garage – we’ll grab the snow saucer and go for a ride – it’s not every day you can sled in your own back yard!!  Weeeeeee….