Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Inappropriate Comment

Um no, I haven’t.  Like that is ever a possibility, EVER in the history of mankind.  But thanks for asking?

Wait, no – not thanks for asking.  Not thanks for asking at all! 

And why are you asking?  You are my phone – why is my phone asking about my period.  This is not ok. No, this is not ok at all. 

I know women sync up when they are close, i.e. live together, work together, are on a sports team together – but you are my phone, we are not synced up – understand?  You are NOT a girl.  
You might sync up with my computer or my iPad, but WE, WE do NOT sync up.  Got it?

Hello? Big Brother, is that you?  Oh, I’d been wondering where you were – it took you long enough.  Yeah I know, I’m not on Facebook – I was trying to avoid you.   

Should I call you Big Sister?  Ok, well – welcome to my life, I guess….

Have a happy period – hahahhahahahaha, if you must share something – I would have picked something else, but that’s not up to me now is it?