Friday, February 14, 2014

Good To The Last Drop

Today I want to share with you a story of optimism; despite of all this gloomy arctic coldness we’ve been experiencing this winter.  

I witnessed this display yesterday.  It was also a bit bizarre, but you’ve got to give the guy credit.  Well kind of, but you will admire his optimism – ah, again, kind of, if you aren’t first grossed out.

I was just getting on the entrance ramp going to I-75 North off Eight Mile, when this guy juts out in front of me on the top of the ramp.  Not a car, but a person.  A very brave person, who must have known I was not going to hit him – something I was not so sure of myself at the time.

He runs across the ramp, I slow down – a lot (I mean I am entering a highway) and I look quick behind me to make sure no one was behind me, not paying attention to this unnatural braking, and was about to hit me.  All was good, there was no one behind me.

So I watch the man, what else am I going to do – this is odd.   He runs to the other side of the ramp, bends down in the slushy dirty snow (picture above recreated in my pretty snow at home) and picks something up.  Ok, I think – something flew off his car and he is parked above and has run down to retrieve it.  

Nope, that’s not what was happening – at all. 

He reached down and picked up an empty Gin bottle, one that someone had pitched out of their car before they entered the highway.  Ah, ok – buddy, we don’t give deposits on liquor bottles – just pop (soda), so it’s not the dime he’s after.   

Might I point out that “empty” is the key word here.  

Then, right in front of my eyes, while still standing like a daredevil on the ramp – he unscrews the cap and tilts the thing up to his mouth in obvious effort to get whatever dregs are left at the bottom of the bottle.  Hmmm.

This makes him either a very optimistic man – thinking the bottle would not actually be empty – or a very desperate one, because really – that is kinda gross.  Someone was obviously tipping it themselves before chucking it out the car window, no cups involved here.

Therefore we say, Cheers to you buddy, hope you find a full one soon!  You certainly seem to go to any length “just in case”, probably because you have successfully found a partially full one before?  I’m guessing also chucked out a car window on a highway, thus removing any incriminating “evidence” from the vehicle.  

Your resourcefulness and creativity is commendable, a little dangerous and truly gross, but commendable.