Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What Do You Baste Your Turkey With?

We are watching TV, it’s the holiday time and a commercial comes on.  Not your normal holiday commercial peddling toys or electronics, this was something entirely different.

Everyone is at the dinner table having Christmas dinner and Aunt Edna pulls out a can of bug spray and starts spraying – at the table!  Which take this little Midwestern girl a back.  
They then say – don’t continue to fight flying bugs at the dinner table the old fashion way, use this – as advertised -  handy dandy wall mounted bug sprayer.

What the hell????

Then they show in a glimmer of light surrounding this wall mounted plastic thing – that looks like an air freshener – but is not an air freshener – randomly spraying bug spray elegantly into the air with accompanying music  – ABOVE THE DINNER TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

You can buy, and install, a bug sprayer that will shoot poison into the air of your home and on your food at timed intervals, to keep the flies off your turkey dinner.  YUM!!!

Shall I buy one for all of you back home???

Again, I am so sick of the bugs here that I can see why something like this was invented – in 1970 perhaps.  When the DDT trucks sprayed toxic mists into the streets to kill the mosquitoes every spring and we all trailed along like it was the pied piper of the land, except that it was not playing a flute, it was emitting poison into the atmosphere and ridding the country of the dreaded children and aimed for mosquitoes – but that was another time – before people knew better.
So here’s an ad in the paper – one’s on sale – it work indoors AND outdoors.   Um…

I also looked online – seems there are at least three manufactures of the sprayer – pick your poison – hahaha.  Oh wait, not funny.