Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How Ya Going?

Well I’m doing fine.  No wait, you didn’t ask me how I was doing.  

Going? Good, I’m um good?  System all cleared out with that coffee this morning – certainly you don’t want to know that though- do you??

Actually – I am going to the grocery store later, I’m going to take Kororoit Creek Rd, should I go another route?  

Are you asking me how I’m going cause you know a better way to the market?  Oh - wait, you didn’t know I was going shopping until just now, so that’s not it either- I must be ok going the route intended, I think.  As long as I stay on the Left side of the road that is.

Um, yeah I’m going – thanks.

I have no idea how to answer this question.  

Everyone in Australia asks you how you are going?  Since I’m standing up and walking, my mobility is fine, so I’m going in the direction you see me going.  Seems to be working for me, except I don’t know where the hell I am.  This folks is not Detroit.  But I’m trying.  

I DO know how to get to the grocery store though- so to me, that is going well.  Food is a very important factor in my life, grocery store figured out; therefore life will continue pleasantly in our house with food available at any time for hungry souls. (My husband will confirm the importance of the care and feeding of the wife) 

So I guess the answer is great.   I’m going to Coles later, need anything while I’m there?  Because clearly, how things go is entirely related to food, don’t you think?  Smart question.