Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Creepy Crawlies

Just a continuation on my arachnid thoughts the other day...

I 'killed' a spider that was in my bra on Christmas day (before I put it on thank goodness)- the body broke in two and one half ran one way and the other half ran the other way... persistent little shits.

It's a white tailed spider, apparently they're one of the bad spiders.  I had been letting most of them live because well, they look cool and they are the MOST prevalent spiders in the house, clearly with so many around they can't be harmful...Guh.

Shall I show you the other common fella?  This one (below) we don't let live or kindly transport outside when we find. It's either a funnel web or a mouse spider - the webs are certainly funnel-ly and they are a kind of blue tone in their blackness.  My husband calls them the big ants - ants they are not.  I read they can bite through shoes and they are extremely poisonous (or maybe people are just trying to scare the outsiders with their writings). Luckily - these seem to like VERY high spaces.

We have one living in the skylight in our bathroom and another in an air conditioning vent in the living room right now (dropping their kill to the floor nightly).  The first time I saw the guy in the bathroom, I couldn't sleep the rest of the night.  We did not bring a ladder with us.  I am told they always have a partner nearby.  So I guess there are at least four in the house right now- yikes!  They also live in the outdoor shades - fascinating to watch - with a pane of glass between you.
Want to see the last guy?  This is an actual in the house photo.  I should have held a ruler up to her so you could really see the size, but I was squealing like a little girl and just in a hurry to get her to the garden and out of the house. I am told if they are HUGE they are not poisonous.  So, if they are big enough to take up the entire space of a dustpan, consider them your scary hairy friend. Blech.

Ok, I've completely creeped myself out now - time to ditch the spider stories and head to the next topic.  And to think, spiders fascinated me in Michigan....Of course you could probably say they still do?