Friday, August 1, 2014

Stop Thief!!!

So we have a blueberry bush, or that’s what it is supposed to be.  So far, it has produced one blueberry.

I have been nurturing that one blueberry producing bush lovingly for a month, watering the plant every day, mounding the dirt when the roots shoot out the side, picking off the dead leaves so they don’t take away from the growing healthy ones.  And waiting, just waiting – for that berry to get plump and juicy so I can enjoy – our one blueberry.

Except I can’t.

Wednesday as I was leaving to go hang out with my sister for the day, I looked at my bush on the way to the garage and noticed a wasp sitting on my blueberry.  Hey dude – get off my blueberry – that’s MY blueberry.

Then inexplicably, the wasp flew away – WITH MY BLUEBERRY ON TOW!!! MY ONE BLUEBERRY!!

I just stood there and watched, dumb struck, his long yellow dangly leg things hanging behind him as he held my blueberry tightly.

And then – he was gone.  

Just like that, MY blueberry was gone – poof – carried away by a wasp, of all things, not a bird.  A wasp, which is approximately only slightly bigger than the blueberry itself.


*(Not actual picture of wasp and my blueberry of course, a bit of drawn in artwork on my part…)