Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Inspector #9 Should Be Fired

Woooo, look at them legs!!!  Don’t look at them socks, but look at them legs – see, now you know why I married him – with a set of gams like that, how could I not??

So hubby had a big thing the other day and it required he put on his spiffiest shirt, tie and suit.  When we bought the suit, we bought some blue socks to go with the get up, then the first time he wore the suit – we forgot about the new socks and he wore his regular black ones.  

So this time – this time, we remembered we bought blue socks special for the blue suit.  

I’m not going to say what kind of socks they are, but if you know anything about men’s dress socks, you know – THIS is THE brand to buy when you want a pair of good socks (ahem, it’s all about the toe color…)

I unwrapped the socks from the sticky packaging and handed them to the hubby, where he promptly put them on.

Ahhh, hmmmm, something’s wrong.  

Are they both pulled up?  Hmmm, they are?  Well it seems one is about three inches shorter than the other one.  

Yeah – that’s not going to work.

Here’s the thing – who saves receipts for socks?  When does a sock not work correctly the first time out of the gate?  This is all very confusing – considering we bought them at Macy’s and well, things bought at Macy’s are generally very good things (clearly not Macy’s fault here).

So, anyone out there have the match to this?  We can do a swap.  Check your packaging – I think it was inspector #9, next time we’ll aim for a lower number – like #1.  You can’t do better than #1 – can you?? 

Quality check, I need a quality check over here…..