Friday, August 22, 2014

Hey Boo Boo!

Ok, so you want your kids to eat their sandwiches for lunch.   
You’re in luck – never fear Billy Bear is here to help! 

What is this wonder sandwich meat product I speak of?  Well, it states it is turkey and pork sausage (yes sausage) cured and cooked.  MMMM, sounds yummy-ish. 

It also has no artificial color or flavors – the third and fourth ingredients are pea starch and pea puree – ok, peas are trendy right now, never heard of them in lunch meat before – but then again, who really understands what exactly is in their lunch meat anyway.

Ah, but here is the piece de resistance – check out the lunch meat itself….
Ummmm – I think it’s Billy Bear?

You will be feeding your kids Billy Bear!  That happy go lucky picnic basket carrying (no not Yogi) on the front of the package.

Ahhh, does anyone else find this disturbing?  Ok – good.

Oh, I should state you have to live in Ireland to find this tasty bear faced snack meat.   

I guess it’s just plain round, one shade of pink Bologna for us Americans.  I think that’s ok, you can cut it into any shape you want – but round, round seems good to me…