Monday, March 3, 2014

You Talkin' to Me?

I was lying in my bed the other morning when our little dog jumped up, landed on my bladder and thus produced a loud GUH -UGHH noise out of me.  When I pushed her off me and explained she was on my bladder and she needed to move - now, Trouble, I mean Rosie, clearly and promptly snorgled at me “Oh, get over it”.


Then I laughed.  This dog has a very distinctive voice – I call it a snorgle – it’s a somewhat throaty snort made while gurgling and breathing inward – I think.

When hubby comes home from work at night, she jumps up on his lap, sits upright on her hind legs and has a whole host of things to say to him each evening – we have no idea what they are, but I’m quite sure she is starting to mimic us and I did hear her snorgle she loves him the other day.  Of course, what's not to love about him?   

My first doggie used to yawn that to me all the time – at least that’s what I heard every time I opened the door and came into the house.  He also used to yawn “go for a ride”?  I was a sucker for both comments.

And Gunnie, well she is a pretty quite girl, except between 7:00 and 7:15pm.  Now, she doesn’t have anything specific to say – she just sidles up to your seat and starts being a sassy chatty thing.  It’s a full out bark, with a bit of a howl interspersed for variety.  I just figure she is telling me about her day – you know – that the mailman came to visit, the neighbor kids played hockey on the icy street, if her back legs hurt today and most important, she would like to know what time I’ll be serving her wet food late night snack.  

Of course, I ask her questions back, I mean she is visiting me and having a conversation – it’s a very loud 15 minutes – but after that, she goes back to her peaceful quite beautiful self. What a face!!