Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This is Write, Right?

Creativity – does that get you credit?  

How about resourcefulness?

A for effort?

When you’re taking a test and you can’t ask questions, you just have to hammer it out yourself, even if you are a little confused and don’t really get it.  

My sister in law is a principle at a Primary School in Ireland, what we would call an Elementary School in the States.

Before she left for our Christmas vacation in the Canaries, there were the usual tests given out to each class before a big school break to quiz the students on what had been learned recently.  One of her teachers shared the test above with the staff, which she in turn shared with us.

It was a math test.  The teacher was asking the students to draw a right angle, then she asked them to draw an angle bigger than a right angle and an angle smaller than a right angle (i.e. larger and smaller than 90 degrees).

It was the last question on the test, so the student had already put a lot of thought into the above questions and quite frankly was probably ready to be finished.

Now this being Ireland, the schools are Catholic – and it was Christmas time and there is a lot of talk of angels around Christmas time.  
So, do you all see the angels?  

There is a regular angel, a little bigger angel and a little smaller angel.  They have triangles in their bellies, because this is a math class, so the teacher must be asking for something mathematical to correspond with the angels, or is that angles?  

The student was a little confused.  But they were not giving up.  You can’t leave the question blank.  You have to answer, otherwise what shot do you have for getting any points at all?  The student doesn’t really know.  But gosh darn-it, they are going to answer it the best they can under the circumstances.  

And maybe, just maybe the angels will bring them luck and get them credit for the question!  Who knows, they could have been right, write?

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