Friday, March 21, 2014

Weatherman Speak

Watching the local news this morning, the weatherman is telling us yet again of the freezing temperatures that we are still enduring this Winter – oh I mean Spring now.  

He’s prattling on about how we are twenty degrees below the average for this time of year and showing us flow charts with lines of where we should be and where we are this week, all depressingly down dipped into the brrrrs, with a descending cold blue line.

Then he says, and I am not lying, “but it’s a warm 29 degrees” (-2 c).  Excuse me?  

Did you say a warm 29 degrees?  Is that like the heat of Arizona in the summer, where when it’s a 110 blistering degrees, you are telling us it’s not so bad because it’s a “dry heat”?  

Please, elaborate Mr. Weatherman.

Then he repeats himself, with this warm 29 degree phrase and says…. “It’s much warmer than say it would be in January with the same temperature”.  Huh?  And ok, 29 would have been “warm” this January, comparatively speaking, but that is not what he is saying, he is saying 29 degrees in January is colder than 29 degrees in March. 

Um, here’s the thing, the thermometer says they are the same thing and I believe the mercury to be a truth teller.

Ok Buster – I mean well trained Meteorologist – what the world are you talking about? Repeatedly?

Here is what he is talking about – the sun.  We have the sun in March and when the sun is shining on a 29 degree day and not an overcast snowy sky day, it is warmer.  Presumably he means, in the sun – you know, just like any other day on this earth, where it is warmer in – the – sun.  Guh!

Grasping at straws here aren’t we Mr. Weatherman?  That is the weakest attempt at positivity I have ever heard.  Which just goes to prove, it has been a very LONG, COLD winter and we all have a bit a cabin fever.  

Happy Spring all, enjoy the warm 29 degree day – for tomorrow, we shall have more of the same, just remember, it’s a warmer 29 than say it would have been just two short months ago! 

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