Monday, March 10, 2014

New Appendage

I haven’t had Bronchitis in a few years, so I was unaware of the changes that had occurred since Obama Care went into action.  Apparently now one of the added coverage’s is a new appendage? 

I’ve pretty much been house bound for, oh a week, and haven’t left the door other than to let the girls out.  There hasn’t been a lot of action – just me sleeping, me sitting and me sleeping again.  Oh and I can’t seem to drink enough water, gallons and gallons of throat soothing water – so there have been a few bathroom breaks too.  

But that’s pretty much it.  Nothing exciting, well - other than my new 17lb Rosie Appendage.
She is very concerned – so much so that there has not been a millimeter of space between us for the last six days.  

I lay down, she lays on my chest.  I roll on my side, she balances herself on my hip.  I go to the bathroom, she sits on my feet.  I sit on the couch, she sits in my lap.  I try and walk down the hall, she is right up against my ankle.  If I shift and she slips off me in any way, she is immediately right there again. 

She doesn’t want to go outside and bounce through the snow piles; she just wants to physically be attached to me – permanently.   

I’m not sure how this is going to work when I have to venture out into the world again.  

Therefore, don’t be alarmed if you see me at the doctor’s office later this afternoon, with what looks to be a live dachshund wrapped around my neck as a scarf, it’s just my new Rosie Appendage – I can’t seem to shake it.

#ObamaCare  #Dachshund