Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Charlie's Web

I have a pet spider.  He lives in the bathtub.  Well – he’ not really a pet, but he’s been there a couple weeks, so I feel like we’re family now. 

I saved him from my hubby who was doing a removal of a fly that had landed in the tub and of course, couldn’t stay there.  You know, flies have to go – but the spider – I requested he stay, so he did. 

He’d been here a while already and he seems to like the big white tub.  We don’t use it in the summer time – just for big long winter soaks and it gets a good scrubbing before anyone soaks in it anyway. 

When I first saw the little guy, he couldn’t get out of the tub.  He kept crawling up the side and sliding back down.  And yes I took a video, it was entertaining.   But over the passing weeks, he has been up on the edge a few times – so I know he can leave if he wanted to.  I don’t think he wants to.   

It’s like a big giant skateboard park – all to himself.

Do you think I should start charging him rent?  You know like room and board – because there has to be something to eat in there or he would have left long ago, yes?  Again, we always scrubbed the tub before taking a bath – now I know it has been a good idea, can’t imagine what he is living on – don’t really want to either.
What should I name him?  Oh I hope it’s a him – one little spider in the tub – ok, five thousand little spiders in the tub – not so much…. Maybe I should reconsider this arrangement?