Monday, June 9, 2014

Wanna Play Chicken?

It’s perfectly natural to run around your front yard with a chicken head on – right?

Well, to be more specific, play catch with a chicken head on, but as you can see from the orange ball to the right of the boy chicken, not play very well.  Maybe he can’t see the ball because of his obstructive chicken head?  

I suppose chickens aren’t well known for playing catch.  Walking around and scratching at the ground? Yes.  Roosters crowing early in the morning and clucking about the rest of the day? Yes.  Hens laying a whole bunch of eggs in their coops?  Yes.  Playing ball – not so much.

Anyway, I suppose if you have a chicken head, why not use it?  Not everyone has one you know.  Matter of fact – this may be the only chicken head I have ever seen actively playing outside on a fine sunny day.  

By the way, the ball is bright orange – if you can’t see that might I suggest cutting out a couple eye holes?  Could improve your game – not sure you’ll get a scholarship for you ball prowess though.  

Oh - that is unless you are in training to be a mascot, then you are off to a good start.  You may be the first child to ever practice being a mascot in the history of childhood play.  We’ll look for you in a college stadium in about eight years.  Good luck!