Monday, June 23, 2014

End of Life Recycling?

Flipping through a Groupon, I came upon this offer.  It’s for one of those little digital muscle zappers.  If you have ever been to a Physical Therapist you know what I am talking about.  They hook these little wonder devices to your sore muscles and they zap away, flexing the muscle and taking away the stiffness.  
Owning a home device would indeed be a great idea.  Except you always wonder if the home device will be as good, especially when it is the size of an iPod, instead of on a cart – like the ones at the PT’s. 

So, I went on to read about this fascinating little device and someone has a sense of humor…
Have a read - I've highlighted the most important line for you.

I guess when you get done using it and have used up all the little white sticky pads and you find they are probably more expensive to reorder than this  pocket sized device as a whole – you just shove it in a pita and have it for lunch!

I’ll have mine with a little lettuce and tomato; otherwise I think it might be a bit to dry and possibly metallic.  Can I get a Coke with that?