Monday, June 16, 2014

Positively Prehistoric

As promised, here is my fish murderer.   If you don’t know the story, please refer to my post “Did You Say A Pelican?” from 5/30/2014.

Big, giant, massive prehistoric bird, whom I am certain - does not belong in the Detroit area. 

Since he returned again this week and I had my phone on me – I snapped a shot of him flying to the roof of the house behind us.  Bold creature this bird was.  

After I yelled at him out the bedroom window at 8:00am – he just looked over at me – standing there, scoping out the pond.  I believe the hollered phrase was “GET OUT OF MY YARD!!!!” so the neighbors must have thought I had a stalker or something – which in essence – we actually did. 

Damn bird.

He had no interest in going anywhere, his giant self just looked at me.  

So I ran out the back door and charged him, which my apparently non scary self just prompted him to turn, look at me then simply take flight to the closest roof, where he stayed.  A half an hour.  And I stood there a half an hour – in the rain – randomly yelling at the air towards the roof, over the six foot privacy fence.  

The behind me neighbor who I am sure had no idea what was on their roof – must have thought why is there a crazy woman yelling towards our house “Get Out Of Here!!”  so early in the morning?  Except maybe they still thought I had a stalker or something and in that case, thanks for the help… 

We did not get his photo the first time when he came around to massively thin out our pond and this time we again provided a handy back yard diner.  He snagged yet another one.  

Sooooo, I have ordered a net for the pond – but I would say I am a little late – we are down to two fish – the giant Koi who is around 24 inches long that we have had for ten years and the remaining baby from last year who is like two inches big.  That’s it.  And they won’t come out of hiding – can’t say I blame them.  

Oh, and when he finally did live – he left this giant bird turd on their roof – thought you’d enjoy it.