Friday, October 16, 2015

Should we post her picture on a milk carton?

You may be thinking, oh my God – where did she go?  Has she been hiding under a rock?   

Basically yes.  See, I’m working now and it’s been busy.  Also it has been rolling up to the end of good days outside – which officially is today.  Tonight we have a frost warning, so yeah it’s in the low 30’s.  Bleh.

Work will get less busy soon – it’s a case piece kinda business and the Judges are getting ready for the holidays and won’t want to work.  VERY SOON!  So yeah, I think I may be gearing up to write again. 

Also my camera broke.  I know, I know – woman, just use your damn iPhone.  But you see my memory is full and it no longer just pops the photos onto my computer automatically and it’s a HUGE pain in the ass to load them otherwise.  Not a fan of the second to last upgrade they did – you know the one where they high jacked all your music, that you loaded yourself or bought from them?  Yeah, well it makes picture loading screwy too.  But I’ll get over it.

I suppose a two month vacation wasn’t the best thing for readership and I do have years and years of back stories I could have reposted – but really, I just took a powder*.

So, I have a great photo in mind, ready to go for a new blog!  I just have to send it to myself and get re-motivated.  I never stopped taking pictures (yes on the iPhone), so there is fodder.  Suppose I have to buck up and pay the  iPeople more money to get more memory…because really, cleaning out my phone to get more space would simply be a ridiculous suggestion!!

See you soon!!  I promise…

*Take a powder-Make a speedy departure, run away.  This slangy idiom may be derived from the British dialect sense of powder as "a sudden hurry," a usage dating from about 1600. It may also allude to the explosive quality of gunpowder. 

Oooh - the 1600's - how Piratey of me!!