Thursday, August 20, 2015

Christmas in July, August - Hey All Year!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!  

I had forgotten about this – I snapped this picture on a walk through our neighborhood on the 4th of July weekend.  See the kiddie playground set up in front of the house?  Yeah – well apparently inside the house it Christmas all year!!!  

So – summer in the front, Christmas in the house, Lord knows what’s going on in the back?

I was spurred into remembering this shot as I drove home tonight from rowing – boom – there it was again, all lit up, well, like a Christmas Tree!!

These kids must have so much fun, turtles and slides and toys and Christmas EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES.

All I can say is they made it through the hump – now Christmas is closer in time frame to happening and it looks like these people are on the ball – just a few months early getting their tree up – as opposed to way, way too many months late taking it down.   

Right, that’s what it looks like, right?