Monday, July 13, 2015

"Fast" Food

Is this a thing now?  Falling asleep in a drive-thru?

Two articles, right next to each other, in a “local” flyer had police reports of men falling asleep in a drive-thru.  ASLEEP - IN –A- DRIVE-THRU?????

Ok, Ok – apparently they were both under some intoxicating sort of substance, and fourth meal had called them to get a bite to eat – but really, is this common???

Poor drive-thru folks – as if working in a steaming hot fast food restaurant, with people angry about waiting even two minutes in line for their food – they now have to add this to things that could happen while at work.  

At what point do you realize the line isn’t moving because someone is asleep?  And who wants to be the person to go outside and check the cars at 11:38 at night?  Lord knows what you will find.

I guess on a positive note – they took their little naps while sitting still and didn’t fall asleep while driving down a highway….