Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Anybody Got A Spare?

Ah shopping – spring is here, the kiddies need some new toys for the yard – you know, so they can get out of the house and play in the sunshine.

Why don’t we grab one of those cute little pink heart strollers or perhaps it’s a shopping cart?? Anyway, the kids can stuff things in it and roll around with their collection (i.e. small dogs, twigs, leaves, rocks, stuffies – whatever). 

Oh wait, the first one is broken – missing a wheel. 

Oh my, look – the third one is also missing a wheel.  Hmm, the last one is backwards and crooked – they are hiding another missing wheel on the front right.

So – let me get this straight.  This is a main display in the front of the store.  These little stroller/carts are prominently displayed on a middle rack – eye level.  Key real estate in any store.  

And they are BROKEN?

But even if you picked up the only one that wasn’t broken – how much faith would you have that it wouldn’t break by the time you got to the checkout?  I mean – that is a legitimate worry – three of four are already busted.

This is a major retailer – I would hope they could do better…  Especially when it is so easy to write things off and get a manufacturers credit.  

Don’t get it – other than we are all so desperate for a little spring around here that color – in any shape, whole or broken – is a welcome site, a main display even…