Monday, April 20, 2015

Techno Colored Why?

Or in the words of Nancy Kerrigan – Wwaahhyyy????

These are crochet shorts – for men.  I know, for MEN!!!

Here’s the thing, these wouldn’t even look cute on an 80lb 20 year old woman.

What makes someone think we want to see yarn shorts on pasty white men?  Ok, let me continue with that unappealing thought – sweaty, summer hot, pasty white men, because you know, they are in shorts – can’t put a man in a pair of leggings and wear these in the winter.  Well, I suppose you could – couldn’t get much worse than this – could it??   Uck.

Don’t think these even existed in the 70’s and all sorts of crazy ass knitted things were popular in the 1970’s.

Oh and it gets better – not that if your grandma had knitted these in the 70’s and lovingly gave them to you, so you could put them on your stuffed teddy bear and tell her “yes – I am using them – thank you” – at least they would have been from your sweet grandma and they were free – these are most definitely NOT free.

Someone is charging ninety-nine US Dollars for these.  I know – a hundred bucks!  And someone else is buying them.  

I am not going to promote them, so if you want some you’ll have to do your own search online (and if you do – I want you to stay out west, where I’m sure these are coming from – you know, pot is legal in Denver – just chillin’ with the knitting needles…) – BUT – when you look at the site – some are SOLD OUT.  That just hurts me to think about it.