Thursday, April 2, 2015

Identity Crisis

Is ETSY in the voting booth business now??

Clicking open an email from ETSY they are talking about spring and “glamping”.  

OK, I’m game, glamping usually involves some pretty cool “tents” in some beautiful areas.  Wonder if someone has “handmade” those round semi permanent tent structures and has them for sale, you know to put up in your backyard or on your up-north property or something.

Oh, that would be great, in the back yard you could use it as an office, or a playhouse for kids or as a spare room for the family visitors.  Yeah – glamping, whatever ETSY has should be pretty cool. 

“Click” – above picture appears.

Um, looks like a voting booth.  

The picture below is an actual voting booth.
Is someone in the “handmade” voting booth business on ETSY?  I can’t imagine a government invoice showing a purchase from ETSY for 50 voting booths, wouldn’t they need to come from some approved manufacturer – you know to keep from any hijinx happening when you are voting.  If any Tom, Dick or Harry could build a voting booth, isn’t there opportunity for corruption?  

Anyway – you know what it s not – it is not a voting booth, despite the fraternal twin-ness look of it all.

It is a “Glamping Stove.   Yup, that’s what they say it is.  So, someone is big into recycling old voting booths – and making them into “stoves”.  I guess that is what ETSY is all about now isn’t it?  

Ohhh, let's go glamping - thanks ETSY, I was looking for an anniversary trip idea - but I'm sorry to say, we won't be needing your - um "stove"...