Thursday, March 12, 2015

One Springy Dingy

Do you know what today was?  Today was the warmest day we have had since Christmas Eve.  Yes world – Christmas Eve!!  At least that is what my local weather forecaster told us.  It is March 11th.

That is almost three months ago!  Wow.  And really, we are struggling to match a temperature that came at the end of December? 

It has been freezing or below for three months.  

Mostly below – because I used to think the months of January and February were cold.  The 20’s are usually average for those two months and for years I walked six blocks from the parking structure to the building I worked in and would always curse those twenty degree days.  Of course, I was also thankful to be in a structure – I never had to scrape snow or ice off my car – so bad/good – it all worked out – but man, brrrrr, that’s a long walk in the cold.

Hell, this year 20 was downright balmy.  And thank God I got rid of that six block walk!
It was so cold that when you walked outside and took a breath – something you don’t ever think about (until it is difficult), you gagged.  

It would instantly hit the back of your throat and you would gag, cough or choke.  I cannot ever remember this being a common thing.  It was awful, walk out the door – gag.  Drive in the car, forget it was choking cold out, get out of the car – gag.  Run into the store, run out of the store - forget again it was negative something or other, coughing fit.  Then finally you’d pull the scarf up over your face, because c’mon – ya gotta breath, right?

So Spring, yeah you Spring – last year we had 100+ inches of snow, this year it was negative more than it was positive – we’ve had a couple of rough winters here – do you think you could arrive on time this year?  

The calendar tells me you are nine days away – oh glorious Spring, please come and bring the crocuses, please.  And no April Fool snowstorms this year – ok?

Everybody – let’s all count down the nine days together – starting now – Nine, Eight….