Monday, March 9, 2015

Air Tight

Man is it cold outside!  All these below freezing days, week after week after week.  

It hurts to even breathe when you step outdoors.

You know our buildings been cold lately.

There must be something we can do about that besides wear an extra sweater and turn up the heat.  Heat is so expensive these days – our bills have doubled over the last two years.

I hear you should insulate un-used spaces.  You know, like you attic at home.  

We have at least 32 inches of insulation blown into our attic – it has helped a lot.  So instead of cold air blowing through the wide open space, it is stuffed with fiberglass or recycled chopped up cloth.  It keeps the place warmer and stops the cool breezes.  

We have that glass stairwell we never use and its ALWAYS COLD.  

If we put 32 inches of blown insulation in the attic space that is five or six feet tall, do you think an equivalent amount of space to height ratio of insulation will work in the stairwell? 

Of course we can’t blow it in, that would be silly.  Plus we may want to use the stairwell again and we’d have to vacuum all that out – it would get everywhere and really, who has a vacuum bag that big?  

I know, let’s call someone and see how much batting it would take to do the square footage of the stairwell, then we will have the correct ratio of insulation to empty space.

And there you have it folks, my theory on this bang up insulation job at someones “Corporate Headquarters” (I removed the rest of the info from the sign).  

Hubby and I were driving around two weekends ago and spotted this.  I did not take a picture then, but it never left my mind.  So I went in search of it a couple days ago – low and behold, it is still there!

So nope – it is NOT a remodeling job, because really – anybody can finish an insulation job in one or two days (really, anybody).  If it sits there two weeks – it’s a real thing.

Oh how proud everyone must be to work there – now that they are warm and all.  Oh and I’m sure a bonus – it’s probably cut down on road noise too.  Ah peaceful and toasty!