Monday, February 16, 2015

You Have Your Instructions


I had been left a pile of work to do, complete with instructions.  I hadn’t realized there were instructions, until the “boss” came over to ask me why I had not completed her request.  I thought it was simply a gift, until I inspected it further.  

The neighbor girl was utterly disappointed in me.

You see this pile of papers, with writing and drawings on them, contained details of which I must have completely missed.  And really, when you look at them – it is nearly an impossibility to miss – as they are clearly written.  There are instructions on each and every page what is to be done with them.

Firstly, I am to laminate those that say to laminate them:
The ones that aren’t marked “laminate” I am to put into two ziplock bags. 

But not before I sort those out that are clearly marked to be framed, noted on the page backs.
 When this is all done I am to return them, on Saturday.  It is Sunday now and she is wondering why she still does not have them in her possession…
Clearly I cannot follow instructions.  Not to mention the fact that we have no means of laminating…

Good thing this isn’t a requirement for being a good neighbor, because I adore my little neighbor girl and I would miss her is this meant being banished from the neighborhood.

Looks like I’m gonna have to get a laminator if I am going to stay in good with her…. Do you think Office Depot carries them?