Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Bra Looks Like A Cereal Bowl

This is ridiculous, my bra looks like a cereal bowl.

Ladies you'll know what I'm talking about - I'm getting ready for bed and to give the girls a rest, you pull your bra out from under your clothes.  Unhooking it, pulling one strap out through the arm and the rest out through the other arm.  I take it off fold it up and go about my nightly ritual, brushing my teeth, washing my face, slathering on the night time Oil of Olay in the purple jar....  then I turn around and think - who the hell left a cereal bowl on the bath tub??

Christ - it's my bra!  Really? Yeah, really.

Just when you think you're feeling ok about yourself, you realize your bra is ginormous.  Look, I didn't pay for these, they just grew there of their own free will, but believe me - if I could share the wealth, I would.

If only it was as easy as someone asking for a cup size.  A cup size you say - well yes - I have a couple of those to spare - how many would you like??  Would you like 5 or 10lbs to go along with that?  Great, just give me a minute while I bag that up for you.

And yes, I did go into the cupboard and grab a box of Cheerios to make my point (in case you were slightly terrified of the "bowl" size, it's not s full size box of Cheerios...)

Hey - maybe there is a market for these?  Could be like a bachelor gift, eat your Wheaties, stay a strong man!!

Spoon any one?

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